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Dividends Adjustment in Spot Index CFDs

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The dividend adjustment in spot index CFDs refers to the mechanism where the CFD itself generates dividends corresponding to the dividends paid on the constituent stocks of the index. This mechanism ensures that the price impact caused by dividends in the spot index is offset. If you hold a long position in a spot index CFD on the ex-dividend date, you will receive a dividend adjustment. Conversely, if you hold a short position in a spot index CFD on the ex-dividend date, you will be charged a dividend adjustment.

Dividend Adjustment Schedule

how to trade
how to trade

Dividend adjustment in MT5

In the MT5 platform, the dividend adjustment is reflected in the overnight costs of the previous trading day before the ex-dividend date.

Let's take the example of the US30Roll CFD contract:

US30Roll CFD
Long/lot (USD)
Short/lot (USD)
Overnight Cost
Dividend Amount

Overnight costs on February 16, 2023, including dividend adjustments:

Long/lot (USD)
Short/lot (USD)
Overnight cost + Dividend amount*
-12 + 15 = 3
Overnight cost - Dividend amount*
4 – 15 = -11

*If the ex-dividend date falls on a Monday, the dividend adjustment will be reflected in the previous Friday. Since 3-days overnight costs are charged for spot index CFDs on Fridays, the dividend adjustment will be divided by three before being included in the overnight costs.

If you hold 2 lots long position or 2 lots short position in US30Roll at the end of the trading day on February 16, 2023, your overnight costs would be as follows:

US30Roll CFD
Overnight Cost (USD)
2 Lots Long
2 x 3 = 6
2 Lots Short
2 x (-11) = -22
dividend info

You can check the dividend forecast for the current week on this webpage. 

Please note that this information is provided as a reference and is subject to updates by AC Capital Markets based on changes from Exchanges or liquidity providers.

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